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Closeup view of a waterlogged kitchen floor. Water damage to home. Furniture in water.

Emergency Post-Disaster Restoration in the Halifax Area

If your home, commercial, or rental property has been damaged by fire, smoke, water or some other destructive force, call Priority 1 Renovations Ltd for emergency cleanup and repair or comprehensive post-disaster restoration. We’ve been answering the panicked calls of Haligonians and other property owners in the Halifax area since 2015 and provide:

  • fire damage restoration

  • flood damage restoration

  • water damage repair

  • mould remediation

  • sewage cleanup

  • odour removal

  • remodelling services

Pylwood showing under tarps on roof during repair

Call us any time of the day or night for emergency post-disaster property assistance or for repair once you are able to proceed with remediation.


The pictures on this page provide you examples of the type of post-disaster restoration that we do. A gallery of our other general contracting services is also included in this website as evidence of the expert work we do.


As professional contractors, we strive to finish all our projects in a timely manner. This is particularly important to us in post-disaster situations where the stress and upheaval is extremely high, and owners just want to get everything back to normal. We’re proud to say that that is our job.

Burst Pipes or Storm Damage?

Call us for emergency property repair and restoration of any kind.

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