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Large basement with a modern interior design in bright lighting

Complete Basement Finishing in the Halifax Area

Whether your basement is completely new or has seen more than its fair share of New Year’s Eves, call the basement finishing team at Priority 1 Renovations Ltd for a complete basement overhaul. We’ve been turning Halifax basements into beautiful modern spaces entire families love since 2015. We are also experienced at renovations and home construction of all types, so we can easily renovate or install basement:

  • kitchens

  • bathrooms

  • bedrooms

  • rental suites

  • home offices

  • music studios

  • craft or game-rooms

  • home theatres and gyms

  • spaces you’ll love and use

Renovated basement


Our basement finishing and renovation services include:

  • demolition if necessary

  • framing, drywall, and taping

  • flooring

  • painting

  • plumbing and electrical

  • clean-up


Visit our gallery for some home renovation ideas or call us to discuss your hopes and dreams for your basement.

Make Use of the Space

Work, live, and play in your basement or rent it out for extra income.

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